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Tuesday, February 15, 2005

If Canseco is lying...where are the lawsuits??

From today's Toronto Star...
According to Canseco, (Dusty) Baker was a legendary party animal before he became a father-figure manager; (Jason) Giambi was a hall of fame womanizer; (Frank)Thomas was scared senseless by a high-speed highway adventure; (Mark) Grace was a proponent of sleeping with unattractive women to break hitting slumps; and (Mark) McGwire regularly called reporters "faggots. On the "tradition" of sleeping with "ugly" women to break slumps: "Mark Grace defined a slump-buster as the `fattest, gnarliest chick you can uncover."
***So, Mark Grace was a "heavy hitter" only in the bedroom, and you can now add prick to steroid-junkie, phony and martyr when describing Mark McGwire.
FULL STORY: (Why are Star links always so damn long?)

Also In the news today...

When I went to highschool, puke on the dancefloor wasn't a big deal...

Want to know the biggest drinking states in the U.S.?


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