You couldn't make this s**t up

Wednesday, February 16, 2005

Listerine fights bad breath...and helps you get away with rape;bp=t

A Boston woman says she identified her rapist by recognizing his bad breath.
Tuen K. Lee, 36, was arraigned Tuesday on three counts of aggravated rape, kidnapping and other charges. He has plead not guilty.
The alleged victim told police she was getting ready for bed two weeks ago when a man wearing a ski mask held a knife to her throat, attacked and raped her. She said she recognized the attacker when she smelled his breath and realized the foul odor was the same as her boss' breath. He was arrested Feb. 3, eight days after the attack, on DNA evidence gathered at the scene. Lee and his accuser work at a sushi restaurant in Quincy.
**The real irony here is that if this guy goes to prison, I doubt his "foul odour" breath will be enough to keep him from being raped himself. Some might call that justice.


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