You couldn't make this s**t up

Monday, February 14, 2005

Two heart-warming tales this V-day

Radio station offers free divorce for Valentine's Day

Parents protest radio ID tags for students

While on the subject of Valentine's Day, it has got to be the phoniest day of the year. I hope we all know by now it was created to stimulate shopping and spending during the slowest retail sales month every year——February. Besides, if you're a decent guy shouldn't you resent the idea that you're being pressured into doing something special ($$) on an otherwise insignificant day? The whole thing is ridiculous, and might I add, sexist. Yes, sexist. Anyone out there want to argue the fact that the onus is clearly on the guy to do something for the woman here? Is that progressive? Chew on that feminists...

Wait a minute...without Valentine's Day there would never have been that classic Simpsons episode where Ralph Wiggum develops a crush on Lisa Simpson.

So never mind. I take it all back.


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