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Thursday, March 10, 2005

Think any feminists will boycott Ikea as a result of this....?

Somedays there’s nothing interesting to talk about, and then there are days like today...

Ridiculous: Deserving or inspiring ridicule; absurd, preposterous, or silly.

Norway's prime minister, Kjell Magne Bondevik (a man) says Ikea is guilty of sex discrimination because it shows only men or androgynous figures in its instruction manuals. Ikea, which has 200 stores in 32 countries, says it fears offending Muslims if it were to depict women assembling the furniture. "It's important to promote attitudes for sexual equality, not least in Muslim nations," said Bondevik.
1.) Any man, Muslim or otherwise, who would be offended by that, is a pre-historic dick.
2.) Ikea’s morals appear to be as strong as the legs on one of its $30 tables.
3.) Somebody should tell the P.M. of Norway sexual equality will not improve in Muslim nations if women start appearing in instruction manuals.
4.) What’s the big deal anyway? Everybody knows men can’t put Ikea stuff together and their sister/girlfriend/or mother ends up doing it for them.

Police in Mexico City have been told they must read at least one book a month or forfeit promotion. Mayor Luis Sanchez says the edict will improve low standards in the force. Many Mexicans believe the police are corrupt, incompetent and lazy. Sanchez has recommended titles such as Don Quixote and The Labyrinth of Solitude by Octavio Paz.
There is one problem however: a substantial proportion of the police are semi-literate and 20 per cent were not educated beyond primary level. Sanchez didn’t say whether Dr. Seuss or Mr. Mugs titles will be made available to such officers.

A Milwaukee father and his 17-year-old son have had their lawsuit against mandatory summer homework thrown out of court, with the judge saying the pair should have done a little more studying themselves before bringing the case to court. The father had argued that it was difficult for the boy to do the assignments because he had a summer job as a camp counselor. Oh man, suing over homework? I bet this kid's dad is the type who would sue a girl if she didn't go out with his son on the basis he's being discriminated against because he's a spineless, cowardly, pussy.

If baseball was truly serious about cleaning up its image problem, this isn’t the way to go about do it. Yesterday, Major League Baseball announced it will fight subpoenas issued by a U.S. House committee to some of the game’s biggest stars as it investigates "suspected" use of steroids by players. Eleven subpoenas have been issued to players for next week’s hearing and MLB has been subpoenaed for documents related to its handling of the issue. If you ask me, it’s pretty obvious that those who have agreed to testify have nothing to hide, while those that haven’t, clearly do.
Agreed (reportedly): Jose Canseco, Frank Thomas, Curt Schilling,
Resisting (reportedly): Mark McGwire, Rafael Palmeiro, Jason Giambi, Sammy Sosa, MLB Commissioner Bud Selig, MLB Players' Association head, Don Fehr.
*Barry Bonds has not been invited to testify before the committee.


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